EV Range Launches NEVI-Funded Charger Network

EV Range, a leader in high-powered public fast-charging networks, has announced its comprehensive readiness to provide products and in-house services across the United States. This initiative is backed by NEVI (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program) funding, aiming to expand the availability of high-power electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The company’s charging stations are already operational in multiple states, with ongoing expansions in Texas and Hawaii.

Why It Matters

The push towards a robust EV charging infrastructure is crucial in the nationwide shift to electric vehicles. NEVI’s financial support of $7.5 billion underscores the federal commitment to this transition. EV Range’s involvement signifies a significant step in building a comprehensive charging network, especially along key travel corridors. This expansion not only caters to the growing demand for EV charging options but also opens new revenue streams for site owners.

Key Points

  • EV Range’s Offering: The company provides high-powered chargers (150kW+), essential for rapid charging, and a suite of professional services.
  • Strategic Locations: Chargers are strategically placed at convenience stores, hotels, malls, and near highways, ensuring high usage.
  • NEVI Funding Utilization: EV Range assists site owners in leveraging NEVI funds, reducing the substantial costs of charger installation and operation.
  • Comprehensive Software Solutions: The company boasts a cloud-based station management software and a user-friendly driver app, enhancing the charging experience.
  • Expert Support: EV Range offers 24/7 customer support, design expertise, location consultation, and assistance in obtaining public grants and navigating NEVI applications.

Bottom Line

EV Range is positioning itself as a pivotal player in the EV revolution, offering a full-stack solution for charger installation and management. Their readiness to leverage NEVI funding marks a significant advancement in the United States’ journey towards an extensive and efficient EV charging network. With their expert team and state-of-the-art technology, EV Range is not just facilitating EV adoption but also empowering businesses to be part of this green transition.


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