Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging Collaborate to Enhance Grid Efficiency

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Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging have joined forces to provide distribution system-optimized managed charging and asset management solutions for utilities and electric vehicle (EV) owners. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance utility-managed and fleet charging programs by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning data analytics from Rhythmos.io. Together, they aim to expand EV charging solutions, driving smart charging technology to accelerate EV adoption.

Key Points:

  • Power consumption is expected to triple by 2050, with the renewable energy mix doubling in the next 15 years.
  • Rhythmos.io and FlexCharging’s integration is vital for utilities to manage increasing electricity demands from non-dispatchable renewable sources.
  • Rhythmos.io software aligns EV charging with periods of high renewable energy availability, ensuring electric grid reliability while providing driver preferences and controls.

Rhythmos.io is actively building a partnership ecosystem, collaborating with EV charging equipment providers, manufacturers, and utilities to ensure electric system reliability. Kenneth Munson, CEO of Rhythmos.io, emphasized the importance of this partnership in bringing EV stakeholders together to accelerate innovation and prevent grid reliability challenges. Munson stated, “This partnership bridges utility, vehicle manufacturer, and charging infrastructure ecosystems to enable more seamless and timely EV adoption.”

FlexCharging has introduced its patented Adaptive Polling™ system, addressing shortcomings in telematics, such as lost data and poor customer experience. Mark Rawson, COO of Rhythmos.io, highlighted FlexCharging’s advanced technology that enhances smart charging performance for utilities and EV drivers. Rawson noted, “FlexCharging improves the driver experience and increases driver retention in utility charging programs.”

Expanding across North America, the partnership offers turnkey distribution-optimized managed charging programs for utilities. These programs include customer recruitment, intuitive driver and utility dashboards, and grid-aware active managed charging solutions. The integrated solution ensures low grid stress and high renewable energy availability, reducing environmental impact and saving money.

Brian Grunkemeyer, CEO of FlexCharging, praised Rhythmos.io’s ability to understand the effects of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources at the utility level. He stated, “Their analytical solutions allow utilities to detect EV charging, characterize energy usage, and optimize charging to protect utility assets and reduce grid constraints.”

As the transportation sector electrifies, the electric grid must be prepared. Collaboration, innovation, and information sharing are critical to meeting future demands. FlexCharging and Rhythmos.io are committed to advancing electric transportation goals through unified efforts.

About Rhythmos.io: Rhythmos.io develops advanced software optimizing electric mobility for a decarbonized power grid. Their platform uses machine learning to address fleet managers, operators, planners, and utility partners’ needs, offering predictability, flexibility, and real-time transparency. Based in Boulder, CO, Rhythmos.io is leading the charge in facilitating a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

About FlexCharging: FlexCharging, a cloud-based energy company, works with utilities to manage the grid of the future. Focused on EV managed charging programs, FlexCharging supports customers across the U.S., Europe, and Australia, offering expertise in vehicle telematics, big data, software development, and demand-side management program design.

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